Die Wahrheit wahrnehmen

In any situation
Perceives the truth with resignation
Would never need to draw his sword in haste.

Morihei Ueshiba

Eine Person, die
in jeder Situation,
die Wahrheit mit Gelassenheit wahrnimmt
braucht niemals sein Schwert in Eile ziehen

Morihei Ueshiba


2 Kommentare zu Die Wahrheit wahrnehmen

  • Niall  sagt:

    I have a problem with RESIGNATION in this doka. It might just be the translation into English so I’ll look for the original. But resignation seems a passive or even a negative emotion. So many other words would be OK: clarity, resolve, calmness… or acceptance would be close to resignation but not negative.

  • Entrenando Aikido  sagt:

    Thanks a lot for your correction and your help Niall, it is difficult to perceive the subtleties of the dokas.

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